Private Office(4 People)


For business owners who want a more private setting for them and staff members


  1. Dedicated Business Address
  2. Frontdesk Services/Business Phone Numbers
  3. Unlimited Fast-Speed Internet
  4. Constant Power
  5. Access to Private Office
  6. Board Room/Meeting room Tokens (with video conferencing) 8 hours free/month
  7. Access to Bank of Industry Incubation Program
  8. Access to Free Seminars and Masterclasses
  9. Access to Free Networking Events
  10. Access to Professional/Social Programs
  11. Printing/Scanning/photocopy available (paid service)
  12. Access to the lounge area


  1. Details of all members using the space (name, phone number, email, next of kin)
  2. CAC
  3. Business Profile
  4. Any valid means of Identification of the CEO