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Vatebra techhub is in partnership with the Bank of industry have a physical presence in Lagos, Bayelsa(Yenogoa and Otu-Orua) and Kaduna states; with plans to expand across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria.

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What We Do

We have physical hubs where children and youths are trained on STEM and Robotics with state-of-the-art amenities and good quality internet. We also organize series of training on digital skills like Data Science, UI design, Software development and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and  Cloud Computing. 

  1. Incubation
  2. Training
  3. Co-working Spaces
  4. Mentoring
  5. Networking

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About 70million children and youths are at risk of growing into a world where they will be technologically obsolete and unemployable. This is a ticking time bomb.