Why Vat Tech Hub

The Vatebra tech-hub creates an exciting digital innovative space where business and education interact to harness skills in innovation and technology. Small and early-stage, high-growth businesses will be able to access advisory services, trainings, mentorship and business incubation.

The vision for the hub is to provide a meeting point for learning, innovation, business creation, networking and incubation. The centre will be a hub for business-to-business interaction, knowledge exchange and access to apprenticeship and higher skills development, all of which will help to attract and retain talent in the state and its environs. The hub also has a design capability, enabling businesses to undertake research, develop prototypes and proofs of concept.

Our facility is used to inspire the region’s school children and those in further education to consider digital careers. Software development is one of the fastest growing and in-demand career, with the potential to yield huge business opportunities, particularly for small digital freelancers looking to develop innovative new products and services.

The hub aims to help drive the adoption of emerging technologies across the State’s corporates, public sector and academia. The Vatebra Tech-hub is aimed at furthering digital transformation in Nigeria by raising awareness about the impact of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bots and Machine Learning (ML) to help drive economic growth and support the delivery of innovative and transparent services to citizens and customers alike.

In summary, the hub is an idea incubator and an environment that birth new businesses; it will be an integrated business and education facility. Entrepreneurs and business people will work alongside each other in a professional environment with facilities to enhance business and study.

Technovate to INCUBATION 

Our incubator/accelerator program is for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs with genius tech-driven business ideas. We provide business mentorship and infrastructural support (office spaces) that will help the entrepreneurs scale.

Code-Lab to ROBOTICS

Our Robotics lab fosters education, training, research & development of robots that are applicable in solving real-life problems.


We offer tech training as short courses, intermediary courses and professional curricular courses. Our courses cut across Programming (websites, webapps, apps etc), Graphic Design, Video Editing, Digital Marketing.


We organize events and meetups aimed at engaging the different communities, startups, entrepreneurs and students around us. We provide them with resources to help them grow in different areas like technology, programming, finance/business, health etc. We gather smaller, interest-driven groups, to share, learn and grow together and this is to help people especially youths focus on the right technical skills so they can pursue a more fulfilling career.