Training Room(Double)



  1. Controlled access to internet
  2. Access to projector and screen
  3. Capacity of 18 people – Grey Room
  4. Capacity of 24 people – Blue Room
  5. Capacity of 50 people – Combined Rooms
  6. Printing/Scanning/photocopy available (paid service)


  1. Brief details of meeting
  2. Any valid means of Identification
  3. Basic Details
  4. Agrees to vacate the premises when meetings are over.
  5. Agrees to maintain the serenity of the office environment and use amenities with care

Guidelines for Training rooms:

  • Masks should be worn at all times.
  • All trainees should be around 30 minutes before training time, not earlier.
  • All trainees have 15 minutes to leave the hub after the training.
  • All trainees have to sign in at the front desk, use the hand sanitizer and get their temperatures checked.
  • There should be no loitering around the premises.
  • All trainees should take their seats in the raining hall when they go in.

We advice that you share this with all your members in advance as we will not tolerate it if the guidelines are not followed.

Payment has to be made for the training space to confirm booking and allow access.